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Searching for movies with: Lacey Chabert
The Lion King II: Simbas Pride (1998) (BluRay)
Simba and Nala have a daughter, Kiara. Timon and Pumbaa are assigned to be her babysitters, but she easily escapes their care and ventures into the f

Anastasia (1997) (BluRay)
The daughter of last Russian Tsar, Anastasia, is found by two Russian men, Dimitri and Vladimir, who seek the reward that her grandmother, Marie, pro

Slightly Single in L.A. (2012) (BluRay)
Dale Squire is a hip, quirky, independent single gal living in the glossy city of Los Angeles. After several failed attempts in quasi-relationships,

Anything Is Possible (2013) (HDRip)
Ethan Bortnick plays the leading role as Nathan,a young boy who's separated from his mother when she goes missing during a trip to Japan to help afte

Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014) (WEBRip)
When the staff inside a renovated film studio finds a co-worker dead one morning, the pieces of a forty year puzzle add up to an angry ghost who has l

Black Christmas 2006 (2006) (BluRay)
An escaped maniac returns to his childhood home on Christmas Eve, which is now a sorority house, and begins to murder the sorority sisters one by one.

Balto 2 (2002) (HDTV)
Half wolf Balto has a litter with his full husky wife. Most puppies resemble her and are easily adopted by the Wild West villagers. Only one daughter,

Love on Safari (2018) (WEBRip)
When Kira Slater inherits an Animal Reserve in South Africa she must decide whether to sell it or leave the safety of her life in Chicago and risk eve

Crossword Mysteries Proposing Murder (2019) (HDTV)
Tess and Logan are back solving mysteries as an old friend of Tess's is found dead just before he was going to propose to his girlfriend. Codes, cyphe

Christian Mingle (2014) (DVDRip)
Gwyneth Hayden has it all. A top-notch career, killer wardrobe, dream apartment, and great friends - she thinks the only thing missing is a man. In a

Moonlight in Vermont (2017) (WEB-DL)
After fast-paced New York City high-end real estate broker Fiona (Lacey Chabert) gets dumped by her boyfriend Nate (Jesse Moss), she escapes to her fa

Sweet Carolina (2021) (WEB-DL)
Marketing executive, Josie, returns home when she becomes the unexpected guardian of her niece and nephew. While there, she reconnects with Cooper, he

The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) (WEBRip)
Eliza (Lacey Chabert) and Debbie (Danielle Harris) are two sisters who don't always get along. But their relationship is put to the test when Debbie's

Crossword Mysteries Riddle Me Dead (2021) (WEB-DL)
Tess gets invited to be part of a popular game show, but when the host is unexpectedly murdered, she and Detective Logan O'Connor try to discover who

Groundswell (2022) (WEBRip)
It tells the story of Emma. She is a chef who travels to Hawaii and meets a surf instructor whose lessons help her to regain her footing after being o

The Scoundrels Wife (2002) (DVDRip)
Already an outcast for crimes she did not commit, a woman struggling to raise her two children in a small village during World War II is suspected of

The Wedding Veil (2022) (BluRay)
Follows longtime friends who find a mysterious, antique veil fabled to unite its bearer with her true love.

The Wedding Veil Unveiled (2022) (BluRay)
Emma (Autumn Reeser) travels to Italy to teach and research a wedding veil said to bring its owner love. While there, she meets Paolo (Paolo Bernardin

Christmas at Castle Hart (2021) (BluRay)
Brooke Bennett goes to Ireland for Christmas to search for her Irish roots. While there, she meets Aiden Hart. Mistaken for an elite event planner, sh

Haul out the Holly (2022) (WEBRip)
Emily arrives home hoping to visit her parents, only to find that they are going on a trip of their own. While she stays at her house for the holidays

The Wedding Veil Expectations (2023) (WEBRip)
Avery and Peter try to keep the romance alive while renovating an old house and juggling work, but everything takes on a new perspective when Avery ha

The Wedding Veil Inspiration (2023) (BluRay)
Emma's life plan is thrown off course when Paolo must return to Italy to take care of his father and she discovers a new passion for making art access

The Wedding Veil Legacy (2022) (BluRay)
Tracy meets Nick in the third installment of the trilogy, and he helps her save an original draft of The New Colossus in exchange for her helping him

The Wedding Veil Journey (2023) (WEBRip)
Tracy and Nick agree to set aside work to make time for a long overdue honeymoon to Greece. When they are stranded on a secluded island, they confront

The Dancing Detective A Deadly Tango (2023) (WEBRip)
When a high-profile CEO is murdered on the eve of his company's corporate event in Malta - a high stakes ballroom competition between senior executive

Christmas in Rome (2019) (WEBRip)
Angela, an American tour guide in Rome, agrees to teach a culture-shocked businessman named Oliver about the heart of Rome at Christmas.

A Merry Scottish Christmas (2023) (WEB-DL)
Follows estranged siblings Lindsay and Brad as they travel to Scotland at Christmas to reunite with their mother Jo.

Haul out the Holly Lit Up (2023) (WEB-DL)
As the holidays approach, Emily and Jared are looking forward to celebrating the holidays together again.

An American Tail The Mystery of the Night Monster (2000) (BluRay)
Fievel and other mice haunt the monster, with the result they want to track him down.

Crossword Mysteries Terminal Descent (2021) (WEBRip)
After volunteering to participate in a crossword solving competition with a new supercomputer, crossword puzzle editor Tess Harper finds herself swept

Matchmaker Santa (2012) (WEBRip)
A young baker discovers the magic of Christmas and love.

Winter in Vail (2020) (WEBRip)
Chelsea inherits a house in Vail. She meets Owen and gets a much needed break. Together, they put on Strudelfest to highlight the charm of Old Vail.

Scarecrow [Hindi] (2013) (BluRay)
Six high school kids come face to face with an evil entity as they serve their detention before the town scarecrow festival.